Snus is a highly popular form of tobacco which produces no smoker is quite safer than other forms of tobacco. It is a powdered form of tobacco introduced in Sweden, and in its initial days, it was sold in the loose forms only. With its increasing popularity, a lot of variations have been made in its taste, flavor, size, and design.

If you have a habit of smoking tobacco and want to quite it without facing symptoms of withdrawal, then one of the best options available is Snus. It offers you the best substitute to tobacco smoking and helps to get over the addiction of smoking. Snus is also a type of tobacco, but it is much healthier and safer.
If you go out to purchase Snus, then you will see a vast range of options in front of you. There are several flavors, nicotine intensity, sizes, etc., which makes it a challenging task to choose the right type of Snus for you. So, to find the perfect Snus, you must have good knowledge of all the varieties available in the market. Some of the different forms and packaging in which Snus is available are as follows.

Basic loose Snus

Loose Snus is one of the most basic and oldest forms of Snus as in the beginning; Snus was sold in the loose form only as there were no pouches available. Snus was found around 200 years back, and its loose form is there in the market since then.

Loose Snus is quite popular among users as it gives them the freedom to create a portion of Snus sizing according to their preference. Some people prefer big portions whereas some like small portions. So, with loose Snus, you can make a portion according to your needs and requirements. Loose Snus is available in three qualities; Fine grind, medium, and coarse.

Original pouch portion

In the late 1970’s more people started getting attracted to Snus, and its popularity and demand suddenly increased. So, the manufactures began offering it in small packets or portions. These were the original portions, and these packets were moistened, which make them dark-colored.

The moisture given in these options ensures that the consumer gets the flavor as soon as he put it in his mouth. It provided an instant kick of Nicotine, which made it so much popular among users. It was also termed as ‘portion snus.’

The modern white portion

With the passage of time, few changes were made to the portions of Snus, and it made to the launching of white portion Snus. It was introduced in 1998 with some changes in the original Snus portion. Unlike the original portion, the white portion was not moist, which lead to a lower drip.

The manufacturers focused on making the white portion completely of tobacco with a dry texture so that the Nicotine lasts long in it and gives the taste to the user for a longer duration.

To conclude, Snus is a great powdered tobacco that is now available in numerous portions, sizes, tastes, and flavors. So you can choose anyone that fits perfectly with your needs and requirements.