Epok discontinued production of snus and it is now being called Lyft snus. If you are reading this, you must be interested in spending your money to purchase Lyft snus. To go ahead with the decision, you should be looking for additional information. Keep on reading and we will share all the useful facts that you should know about Lyft snus. Based on this, you can make an informed decision to get Lyft snus and enjoy all the benefits that come along with it.

Is Lyft snus the same as Epok?

Many people say that Lyft is the continuation of Epok. But when you deep dive and compare snus offered to the market, you will be able to notice some significant differences. Hence, it is important for you to focus on those differences and get a better understanding of the experience offered out of it.

The biggest difference that you can find between Lyft snus and Epok Snus is the nicotine level. On the other hand, you will notice how Lyft snus is offering a massive range of flavors. They will be 100% tobacco-free as well. Due to the same reason, the nicotine pouches that you can purchase from Lyft are defining a new era of snus. People who get Lyft snus will not have to worry about stained teeth. This will help you to consume Lyft snus products while keeping peace of mind. However, it is also important to understand that Lyft snus products will be offering high levels of nicotine to you. You should keep this fact in your mind and proceed with making your purchase.

It is clear that Lyft snus has revolutionized the traditional form of snus that we are familiar with. Due to the same reason, you may call Lyft snus one of the most innovative brands out there in the world as well. These innovations are visible in the portions as well as shapes. On the other hand, Lyft snus is offering snus for the people who are interested in enjoying them while paying special attention to the betterment of the environment. The team is adhering to environmentally friendly processes to manufacture snus. For example, we can see how they are using fibers from eucalyptus and Scandinavian pine for the manufacturing processes.

The nicotine pouches of Lyft snus

The nicotine pouches offered by Lyft snus are offering nicotine levels from 6 mg/g to 16 mg/g. You can go through them and decide whether you are going to get normal strength or strong strength. No matter what you purchase, you will notice that the manufacturer has been able to retain a satisfactory flavor and nicotine release. Therefore, you will not get a completely different experience out of Lyft snus, when compared to traditional snus.

All in all, Lyft snus is impressive, and you can think about spending your money to purchase it. You will feel like you are enjoying traditional brown snus with this.